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Ben has been working, periodically, in the security industry since 1988. He started doing crowd control and being a bouncer at licensed venues in Brisbane and worked on a casual basis while also working full time as a chef in the hospitality industry.

When Ben moved to Toowoomba, he started doing more crowd control work for local companies and also did some patrol and static guard work. 
During his time working with other companies, Ben became a bit disillusioned and unhappy with both the treatment of security guards by some security providers and also the behaviour of some guards towards patrons and clients. A lot of guards were not paid correctly or properly trained and supported for the position they held. He was also being asked to assist people who were victims of domestic violence, but the companies he was working for were unwilling to be involved in these cases. 
In 2013, Ben and Fiona decided to start Ironbark Security to build a community-minded security company with integrity and a strong moral ethic. Ironbark Security is committed to providing our guards with training, support, and correct pay and entitlements. We are also focused on giving back to the community by supporting local charities such as the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, working with groups to help under-privileged kids, and supporting causes such as Toowoomba Says No to Violence.
Both Ben and Fiona have a background in hospitality, which I believe helps us provide a better service to our clients. Ironbark Security guards will always help in many different ways with each event or venue where we are assigned to work. We encourage our security experts to interact with the patrons and do things, such as pick up rubbish or clear glasses as they move around to help our clients achieve a zero harm environment. At many of the special events, our security experts will also participate in the events. For example, at the Melon Festival in Chinchilla, our guards attended the event during the day in their own time, and some entered things like the Melon Race.

Ben has a great attention to detail and is highly organised. These skills, along with his high work ethic, diligence, and commitment, make him a wonderful leader and security expert. Ben puts a lot of time into training his team, and all guards are provided with job-specific training before commencing work, as well as on-going training and assessment.
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If you’d like to book our organised security experts for your next event, call us now on 0428 740 508.

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